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Michael Duggan Design Michael Duggan Design
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Michael Duggan Design Background
I’ve worked in marketing and design for industry for over 20 years and I am a qualified artist too! I graduated Falmouth School of Art and Design to go on to work in design, architecture and marketing across the UK. I then handled the marketing and exhibitions for a world wide industrial group and I now hold a postgraduate design qualification. I have seen first hand how business large and small need to operate to survive and I would like to work with you large or small to ensure that the face your customers see is coordinated and professional. I even have ISO business standardisation and quality control experience so I can fully sympathise and integrate with your existing work practices. I can give your 3D designs, Web sites and Exhibitions that extra special look at reasonable rates.

Get striking designs that can follow through your whole business. I give you marketing and great design to coordinate marketing and exhibition organisation. I know all about deadlines and budget restraints. Whether you want a low budget solution or a rapid turn around I have real solutions for you and your business.

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